Crystal Cap Cleaner - "The One That Works ..."


The Crystal Cap Cleaners uses less fluid during the cleaning operation and when you couple this with a shorter cycle time for the complete cycle and add the benefit of the lowest cost of operation, the savings are easy to calculate and the payback time is minimum.

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Crystal Cap Cleaners provides DEMONSTRATION units to customers who wish to test the technology in line. This program is designed to allow the customer a 45-day free trial of our unit with support service for a complete evaluation.

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If you would like to learn more about the Crystal Cap Cleaning System simply send us your contact information and we will ship out to you our full Information Package.



The Crystal Cap Cleaner

GM Validates Crystal Cap Cleaners

See what transpired with GM after Mark E. Johnston of General Motors Paint and Polymers division decided to give Crystal Cap Cleaners a test drive...

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The Crystal Cap Cleaner uses less fluid, shortens cycle times, has minimal maintenance and is the "cleaner of choice" for all major automotive manufacturers.

Try the Crystal Cap Cleaner on a 45 day free trial and you will quickly discover how quickly you recoup your investment.

Crystal Cap Cleaner Pricing
The Crystal Cap Cleaner is priced in the middle of its competitors, but pays for itself in multiple ways.

Crystal Cap Cleaners Saves You Time And Money
The Crystal Cap Cleaner has the lowest cost of operation of all automated solvent paint cleaning systems.

Design And Installation
The compact design of the Crystal Cap Cleaner is easily mounted in the paint booth with only an air and fluid supply required.


The CC3000 Series
See the latest in our line of cleaners which includes many updates and improvements in its design, for an even more superior clean.