How It Works

Crystal Cap Cleaner - "The One That Works ..."


Crystal Cap Cleaners patented technology is self contained in a stainless steel vessel housing an impeller (spinner) system activated by fluid and air.

The paint atomizer enters the vessel sealing on the floater O-ring. The floater is designed to move allowing for any variation in the robot.

Once the applicator has entered and sealed on the floating collar, fluid and air are activated creating a rotating and pulsing action that cleans and dries the business end of the paint gun or bell and at the same time cleans the interior of the vessel.

Clean time is managed within the parameters of the plant line speed.

Once finished and the paint applicator exits the vessel, the impeller is turned off and a unique High Speed Drying System is activated ensuring no residual fluid is left on the air cap, horns, ring, shroud or cup.


Crystal Cap Cleaners provides DEMONSTRATION units to customers who wish to test the technology in line. This program is designed to allow the customer a 45-day free trial of our unit with support service for a complete evaluation.

Contact us now to start your 45 day free trial:


If you would like to learn more about the Crystal Cap Cleaning System simply send us your contact information and we will ship out to you our full Information Package.


The Crystal Cap Cleaner

Mercedes-Benz Uses Crystal Cap Cleaners

Mercedes-Benz tried out Crystal Cap Cleaners on the 45 day trial and was very impressed. See what the Paint Shop Process Engineer, Walter Schneider had to say...

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The Importance Of Cleaning
A clean dry applicator is a must for complete success when robotic panting and Crystal Cap Cleaners is a world-wide choice for most major auto plants.

Patented Cleaning Action
Blasting the contamination from pulsing and constantly changing directions is key the success of the Crystal Cap Cleaner.

Built-in Drying Action
An initial drying action followed by a wiping down with a second action insures a dry atomizer when using the Crystal Cap Cleaner.

The Crystal Cap Cleaner is designed to self clean within the cleaning and colour change cycle time.

Design And Installation
The compact design of the Crystal Cap Cleaner is easily mounted in the paint booth with only an air and fluid supply required.